End of Serving Period Actions

This section only applies to terminals that have the Serving Period and Cash Drawer options enabled. Please refer to the End-of-Serving-Period Setup Requirements topic for more information.

A cashier may perform a Drawer Count to record the balance of the terminal’s cash drawer at the end of his/her serving period. A Drawer Count “balances” the drawer by deducting the starting cash amount from the total amount received from transactions within the serving period.

Within the Campus interface, the End of Day Report can be run to confirm cash drawer balances for a day. The report compares the cash drawer balance (entered by cashiers) to the system-recorded transaction balance. This allows administrators to verify whether the balance of the drawer is accurate, over or short.

Drawer Count

The Drawer Count should be performed at the end of each serving period.

Serving Drawer Count Verification

Starting a Drawer Count

  1. Select the Options menu.
  2. Select Drawer Count from the Options Menu. This should only be done at the end of the serving period.
  3. Select Yes when the “Do you want to perform the end of serving drawer count?” verification message displays.

The main Drawer Count screen then appears:

Drawer Count Screen




The amount displayed in the Total field indicates everything in the drawer, including the total of starting cash, checks and cash. This value is calculated automatically.


The amount displayed in the Deposit field indicates how much was taken in during the serving period.

This is the value of the total cash in the drawer minus the starting cash.

This value is calculated automatically.

Entering a Drawer Count

  1. Enter the total balance of the drawer, as it existed at the start of the serving period before transactions occurred, in the Starting Cash field. For an accurate count of the cash drawer, the starting cash must be excluded from the amount of money taken in during the serving period.
  2. Enter the total value of all checks collected in the Check field.
  3. Enter the quantity of each cash denomination in the appropriate field (e.g., $0.01, $0.50, $20, $100).
  4. Verify the amounts entered.
  5. Select Submit to end the drawer count and the serving period.

    The drawer count can be performed as many times as needed. This is so a cashier may re-open a drawer to allow late transactions to still be included in the same drawer count.

  6. Log out or shut down the terminal.