Daily Attendance

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The Daily Attendance tool displays student attendance events (absences or tardies) for a given day. From here, an attendance clerk may process individual student attendance events following district policy. Daily Attendance displays the current date by default. Users can enter another date to view attendance information for that day. Dates are controlled by the Year, School and Calendar selected in the Campus Toolbar.

Daily Attendance

Attendance information entered by a teacher will appear as the attendance type, (A)ttendance or (T)ardy in yellow, indicating that the attendance record still needs to be processed by the attendance office. Hovering over an attendance event will cause a pop-up window to display, showing the meaning of the code, the course name, teacher, the person who entered the event, and any comments that were entered regarding the attendance event.

Students display on the Daily Attendance tab when:

Attendance Codes are created in System Administration. These codes vary by state.

The following can be done using the Daily Attendance tool:

Daily Attendance Editor

The Daily Attendance tool displays students who have been marked absent or tardy by teachers and other attendance clerks or other school staff. Students display in alphabetical order by last name.

Daily Attendance Editor

Dates can be entered in the following valid date formats:

  • MM/DD/YY
  • MM-DD-YY

Or, select the calendar icon to choose a new date.

Any other date format is considered an invalid format and will return a warning message that directs the user to reenter the date in a valid format.