Copying Household Applications

PATH: FRAM > Household Applications

The Copy Application feature is a shortcut/alternative to re-entering and re-processing an existing household's information. Existing Meal and Educational Benefits applications may be copied, modified then processed as a new application with a new reference number. This feature is often used in transitioning household applications from the current school year into the next.

Point-of-Sale users only: If the change made to the application through the copy process changes the eligibility of students in the household, existing meal purchases made by those students may be updated. 

When the Eligibility start date on an application is earlier than the date the application is processed, Point of Sale can automatically void and re-enter transactions at the approved eligibility rate. For this to happen, a preference called "Autocorrect transactions for backdated applications" on the POS Preferences tool must be selected. When the preference is selected, Campus automatically updates eligible transactions. Any transaction(s) that occurred between the Eligibility Start Date and the application date are voided and the transaction is re-entered at the new rate. See the Backdated Adjustments Report for a summary or detailed report of the transactions that were updated when an application was backdated.

If the autocorrect option is not enabled and purchases exist under an eligibility that has changed, a district staff member can manually modify those purchases on each student's account Journal.

Example application with Copy Application button

Copying an Application

PATH: FRAM > Household Applications

  1. Select the application to be copied. 

    When copying a Meal or Educational Benefits Application, the Application Type cannot be changed. If the Application Type must be changed, a new application must be processed.

  2. Click the Copy Application button located in the action bar.
    A copy of the original application displays for editing.

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