Class Serve Preferences

This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Point of Sale as add-on functionality.

PATH: Point of Sale > Administration > Class Serve Preferences

In order for teachers/staff to use the Class Serve tool within their classroom, Class Serve Preferences must be established.

To ensure proper recording and reporting for meal claims, Class Serve should only be used in districts where qualifying meals or snacks are being served to eligible students in a classroom by a teacher.

Class Serve Preferences

Before setting up Class Serve Preferences:

Establishing Class Serve Preferences

Class Serve Preferences allow users to tie a menu and purchasable items to periods within period schedules.

Adding Class Serve Preferences

To establish Class Serve Preferences:

  1. Select the Period Schedule. Period schedules defined in the Periods tab. Available options are displayed based on the Year and School values selected in the Campus toolbar at the top.
  2. Select the Add button for the Period requiring Class Serve functionality. The Period Detail editor appears.
  3. Select the Application. Applications are established within the Application Manager tool.
  4. Select the Service. Services are established within the Application Manager tool.
  5. Select the Purchasable(s) available during a Class Serve period. Hold the Ctrl key when selecting purchasables to select multiple puchasables for inclusion.

    Generally a meal is selected to display as the main purchasable for teachers and is a single item determined as the most popular item to be sold in the classroom. If more than one item is selected, teachers will have to use the a la carte option to serve specific single items.

  6. Select the Save icon. The Menu (Application + Service) and Item (Purchasable(s) selected) appears with the corresponding Period.

Added Class Preferences