Cafeteria Serve Preferences

This functionality is only available to customers who have purchased Campus Point of Sale as add-on functionality.

This tool allows food service administrators to control which patron information will display to cashiers while using Cafeteria Serve.

Managing Cashier Alerts for Cafeteria Serve

The following settings affect the display of Cafeteria Serve as related to cashier use.

  1. Mark the Display Eligibility checkbox to display patrons' eligibility (i.e. , regular, free or reduced meal status) to cashiers.
  2. Mark the Display Actual Purchasable Cost checkbox to display what the patron is actually being charged for the item. Not marking this checkbox displays purchasable cost regardless of the discount the patron may receive due to a free/reduced eligibility.
  3. Mark the Display Patron PIN checkbox to display the patron's PIN to cashiers in search result lists. This allows cashiers to remind patron's of forgotten PINs.