Backdated Adjustments Report

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This report provides a list of backdated transaction adjustments in summary or detail form. The report can be generated as a PDF or CSV file.

Backdated Adjustments Report Editor

Report Logic

Campus can automatically update meal transactions when the Autocorrect transactions for backdated applications option is enabled on the POS Preferences. If a student purchases meals before their household application is processed or amended and the option to autocorrect transaction is turned on, Campus voids the existing transactions and creates new transactions based on the student’s new eligibility. The Backdated Adjustments Report provides a list of the transactions that were adjusted.

Report Editor

The Report Editor allows you to select various options for this report.

School(s) to be includedThe schools for which you want a report. You can click the All button to select all schools.
Sort by

This option allows you to sort the list of schools by the school's name or number.

Summary TypeThe information for the report can be generated for a single day by choosing Daily, a date range by choosing Period, or for any Month within the current school year.
Date Type

If you choose to Sort By Date, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Transaction Date -  Sorts the report by the day the transaction occurred.
  • Post Date - Sorts the report by the day the transaction posted.
  • Corrected Date - Sorts the report by the day the transaction was corrected.
Include DetailSelect this option to include detailed information about each transaction. When this option is selected, the student's name and information about the original transaction as well as the corrected transaction are included in the report.
Sort By    

Select the option you want to use to sort the report data.

  • Name - Sorts the report in alphabetical order by the student's last name.
  • School - Sorts the report in alphabetical order by the school's name.
  • Date - Sorts the report according to the selected Date Type.
Export Format

You can generate the report as a PDF or CSV.

Report Examples

Backdated Adjustments Report Example

Report Example with Include Detail option