Attendance Wizard

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The Attendance Wizard tool allows the attendance office to quickly create or change attendance data for a group of students using a variety of modes. Attendance is entered for the current date by default. This date can be changed to another instructional day where attendance was recorded.

Attendance Wizard View

This tool is for use by Attendance Clerks or other office personnel. The Attendance Wizard allows the entering of Attendance Codes and comments. When the attendance office has updated attendance for a day, teachers will see the entered code and comments but will not be able to modify that attendance or add to the comments. In addition, attendance information displays on the student's Attendance tab in real time and on the Campus Portal and Mobile Portal (if Attendance data is selected to display).

See the following articles for more information:


Before attendance can be taken in ANY of the attendance tools available in Campus, the following must be done:

Districts often have a policy regarding the automatic changing of unknown absences to unexcused absences after a designated amount of time (48 hours, etc.). Use the Task Scheduler to set up a script to do this.