Attendance (Student)

PATH: Student Information > General > Attendance

All attendance data for each student is displayed on the Attendance tab. This information is given at the detail level for each day. Summaries are available both by term and course. Attendance events are color-coded according to the key at the top of the tab.

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Student Attendance Tab

The Kentucky Attendance Profile is generated from the Attendance tab for Kentucky users.

Attendance Codes must be entered in System Administration in order to record student attendance.

Attendance Process

Attendance can be recorded in a school by several different people. The following is a high-level summary of the attendance process:

  1. Teachers enter attendance information for each Course Section.
  2. The Attendance Office processes entered teacher attendance, assigning excuse codes to each entry using the Attendance Wizard or Daily Attendance.
  3. The Attendance Office can also manually add attendance events to a student's Attendance tab.

Linking Behavior Records and Attendance Records

When schools have chosen to link behavior incidents to attendance records, attendance records display automatically when the behavior resolution is saved on the behavior management record, based on the dates entered on the behavior resolution.

Mark the appropriate attendance codes that relate to behavior resolutions.Attendance Codes
Mark the appropriate behavior resolution types to allow for attendance modification.Resolution Types
Create a behavior incident , assigning events and participants .

Behavior Management

Behavior Referral

Enter a behavior resolution for one of the event participants.

Behavior Management

Student Behavior

Verify the entered behavior event and resolution, and mark the incident complete.Behavior Management
Verify the behavior event displays on the student's behavior tab.Student Behavior
Verify the attendance tab displays an entry for the behavior resolution.Student Attendance

Generate a report looking for any inconsistencies in linked behavior/attendance records.

Behavior Attendance Audit Report

When the behavior resolution is entered with an Attendance Code and any attendance conflicts have been addressed, the student's attendance tab is updated accordingly.

Step 7 - Linked Attendance/Behavior Record

The pop-up message indicates the record was because of a behavior incident. This also displays in the record's Comments field when clicking an entry from here.

Step 7 - Linked Attendance/Behavior Record Detail

Manage Documents

The Documents feature was added with the E.1406 release.

To view documents, click the Documents button on the action bar. Users with the appropriate tool rights may also complete the following tasks.