Set Up Seating Charts

Path: Campus Instruction > Seating Charts

Seating charts can created for each section that a teacher teaches. Users may create multiple seating charts for each section.

  1. Click New at the top of the Seating Chart tab.

  2. Select the section for which to create a seating chart.
  3. Enter a name for the seating chart.
  4. Select the desired number of columns and rows to indicate how many seats to include in the chart. The number of students in the section will be displayed next to the Column dropdown list.
  5. Indicate the how much space should be left between desks in the Horizontal and Vertical Space Between Desks dropdown lists.
  6. Select how students should be placed in the seating chart in the Place Students dropdown list. This will tell Campus how to automatically place students or if you prefer to manually place students.
  7. When finished, click Create Chart. 

  8. The seating chart will be created and filled based upon the selections made. Desks and students may be manually moved after setup by clicking and dragging to the appropriate place. 
    • To move students, click and drag the student to the desired location. The students will swap seats.
    • To add a desk click New Desk and drag it to the desired location.
    • If manually placing students, the students will be displayed next to the next desk option above the seating chart and may be dragged to the desired seats.
  9. To clear student seating assignments, select Clear Students above the seating chart.
  10. To change how students are placed by Campus, select the Place Students option.
  11. To make the seating chart the default selection for the section, click Make Default above the seating chart.
  12. When finished, click Save. The seating chart will be displayed in the seating chart list.
  13. Click Open to return to the seating chart list.