Enter Health Condition Contact Records

PATH: Student Information > Health > Conditions > New Contact

Once a condition is entered and a treatment for that condition is entered, a Contact record can be added each time the health staff contacts the student or parent about the condition or treatment. The Treatment must be selected in order to display the New Contact icon.

Health Condition Treatments - Contact Record

Enter Contact Records

  1. Select the New Contact icon from the action bar. A Contact Detail editor displays.
  2. Enter the Date of the contact.
  3. Select the staff person who made the contact from the Handled By dropdown list. Staff in this list have the Health checkbox marked on their District Assignment record.
  4. Enter Comments about the contact.
  5. Click the Save icon. The contact record displays underneath the Treatment record.

If the staff person who handled the contact ends employment at the district, the staff person's name still displays in the field but includes the word (inactive). This allows historical tracking of entered data for the student's health record.