Assign a Standard Aligned to an Assessment to a Course

PATH: Scheduling > Courses > Course > Assessments

In order to assign assessments to a course, the assessment must be created first in the Test Setup tool.

The Standard column in the Assessment Alignment editor will display a standard if the test has been aligned to a standard in the Standards Bank (as part of aligning assessments with assignments).

Assigning Standard Assessments to a Course

These assessments display at the top of the list of assessments.

Standards-Aligned Assessments
  1. Review the standard in the Standards Bank to see if an assessment has been aligned to the standard.
  2. Verify the standard is assigned to the course.
  3. Select the standard-aligned assessment from the Test dropdown list. 
  4. Mark the Copies Forward checkbox if the assessment should be copied forward into future calendars.
  5. Click the Save icon when finished.