Add Teacher-Scored Assessments to a Course

PATH: Scheduling > Courses > Course > Assessments

In order to assign assessments to a course, the assessment must be created first in the Test Setup tool.

Teacher-scored assessments are preceded with an asterisk.

  1. Click the New icon. An Assessment Alignment Detail editor displays.
  2. Type in the Test dropdown field to find the test to assign to the course. Or, scroll through the list of tests available.
  3. Enter the Start Date and End Date fields to indicate the first day and the last day of the grading window. During that time, teachers are allowed to enter test scores that will post on the student’s Assessment tab. These fields will auto-fill with the start and end dates of the test as entered on the Assessment tab.
  4. Click the Save icon.

Teacher-scored assessments cannot be copied forward, as they require a start and end date.


Assigning a Teacher Scored Test to a Course